Meet the 9 of us!

Mom & Dad

Obie -  Co-writer of this blog you are currently perusing and husband to Becky.  When I'm not traveling around Indiana, talking to teachers, I stay busy with my seven children. I love to read and play video games, but since I have seven children, finding the time to do those things can be a challenge...

Becky - The "mind" behind this blog.  She loves her babies and is anxiously awaiting our newest addition.  She makes sure that the house runs smoothly.  Without her, the rest of us would starve while wallowing in our own filth.

#1 B - Teen phenom and "veteran" of our growing group of children.  At 17 years of age, he has surpassed his mother's and father's height.  He hopes to be the next Mark Cuban and, so far, is our best shot at a comfortable retirement.  He enjoys acting, cross country, and spending time with his "lady friend".  He's also a fantastic "Daddy Sub" when Daddy is out of town.  Can't believe this guy is a junior in high school already! Proves time flies!!

#2 A - The princess who thinks she's the queen tips in at a whopping 10 years old.  Being our oldest girl, she is definitely mommy #2. She loves directing her little siblings around. Super smart, competitive, avid reader, and creative extraordinaire. Now she's ruling the world this year as a big 4th grader!

#3 P - The blondest member of the crew, this 7 year-old is definitely the most soft-hearted. So sweet & kind and totally what we call a "lap child".  He loves reading, organized sports, and tagging along after his older sister. We sometimes think that he loves Daddy's iPad more than us.

#4 S - The pre-school member of the Martin Clan, this 5-year-old is also the most vocal!  After spending the first 2.5 years of his life in a Chinese orphanage, he joined our family in the summer of 2014. He has the biggest smile and is learning at an amazing rate! Not only is he a VERY willing helper, he may be the only child that does things the first time that he's asked.

#5 M - The toddler member of the Martin Bunch, this little lady is bound and determined to stand out! From her super, crazy quick entrance into the world (2 weeks early, 20 minutes, & breech! OMG!) to her entertaining dance performances and loud toddler gibberish, she definitely keeps us on our toes! Every family of seven needs their challenging child...we've got Moo.

#6 DK - DK joined us through domestic adoption in the Spring of 2016. He has proven to us that good sleepers do exist!! We call him "Big Man" because everything he does is BIG!  From his smiles to his many, many poops, this guy doesn't do small.

 #7 L - Lucky #7! Our brand new little one is mostly sweet & mellow. Her older siblings are enjoying loving on her! Being EXACTLY 10 months younger than DK, I have a feeling these two will be very close! :)

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