Monday, December 14, 2015

The Story of One Brave Family

I read this and had to share.

In I am alive today because my Chinese mother broke the law & gave birth to me, Lisa Smiley shares the heartbreaking and heartwarming story of what her family had to do to protect her and her siblings from China's oppressive one-child policy.  She explains how the recent change to a two-child policy will likely not end the abusive treatment of mothers and forced sterilizations and abortions. 

She also links to the story that came out a few years back of Feng Jianmei. When Feng was 7 months pregnant with her second child, she and her husband were unable to pay the $6,300 fine, so she was taken, blindfolded, and forced to abort their child. The photo of her laying on the hospital bed next to her dead child went viral. You can find it here, although I won't be sharing it on my blog because I find it too disturbing. :(  And this is just ONE example, the New York Times elaborated.  

I post this story to open some eyes. Even I, who traveled to China and adopted a precious little boy, was unaware of just how awful the enforcement of the one-child policy could be.

Human rights violations are happening all over the world.  When I taught, I remember being so frustrated, thinking These kids don't know how lucky they are to be born in the US, to be receiving a free education, to have access to food and health care, to enjoy so many freedoms that other countries don't have…  If you're like me, you may find it easier sometimes to just ignore. I know, that doesn't sound nice, but this stuff keeps me up at night.  It makes me feel so heartbroken and helpless...

I wish I could solve it all. But I don't have the answers, folks. Other than prayer. And if you ARE in a position to help or bring about change, please do.

Much Love, -Becky

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