Thursday, April 16, 2015

Birthdays, Easter, & a Sprinkling of Fat Babies!

Guess what?? With more children comes more birthdays! Who woulda thought? ;)

Happy #5 to Big P!!

We went with a Super Mario theme. :)

And Easter - S's First!

Time to color some eggs!
The dye eventually came off… but I think the glitter will be around forever!!
I just love the colors!
Easter morning!
Ready to hunt!
Every year, Easter bunny…Why?…Why do you hide them so high?!?!
He caught on so quickly!! This boy learns at the speed of light!!

"It's so sunny, Mommy!!"
Church time!
And some randomness…

Every blog needs a fat, happy baby! :)

Hopefully, I'll get better at documenting our journey more regularly…it's just so busy!!  In fact, right now I really should be working on laundry or sweeping the floors or cleaning the bathrooms. (At least the dishes are done = Score! Ten points for Mommy!) We'll see...