Monday, October 13, 2014

Pumpkins, Babymoons, & Haircuts!

Pumpkins, cooler weather, apple crisp, and a million new pumpkin recipes that I want to try! Here are some pics of our recent trip to an orchard.

Then, of course, we're counting down the days until baby #5 decides to enter the world!  A lot of parenting "experts" recommend a "baby moon" before adding a new baby to the family.  Well, here's ours = Red Lobster, Target, & Best buy. How's that for romance?!?   ;)

This was actually the FIRST date night since bringing S home 3 months ago and (most likely) the LAST before baby #5 arrives.

And finally, we took the two young boys to get hair cuts. P loved it….S not so much!  Of course, P's a haircut veteran, while this was S's FIRST in the US.  We had S watch P, which normally helps a ton! But not this time. Thankfully, even though he was sad, there were no tears or screaming and the stylists were awesome!

Hope everyone has a fun fall!  Who knows? Maybe this could be the LAST post before the new baby comes! :)