Wednesday, September 17, 2014

10 week milestones

So last week was our 10th week home with S and he had a couple "firsts."

Now, these may sound silly to some people out there.  They're just normal things for most other families. But if you're a family through adoption, working your way through attachment, bonding, and adjustment, these are BIG & WONDERFUL accomplishments!

1. First time at weekly mass.

Normally I take the kids to church each week, while Ob stays home with S, which is fine with Ob, since he's not Catholic, he never goes anyways! But I felt like S was ready, this was THE week! I was worried because our church doesn't have a nursery or "cry room," so if S had a tantrum, I'd have to go outside or to the attached Fellowship Hall. Thankfully, he did fine. This is probably part due to having siblings to help entertain him. Our pew was a little less quiet than normal, but that's to be expected with 4 kiddos! Plus, pretty soon I'll be taking 5 kids to mass with me, so I figured I better get the hang of it with 4!! :)

2. First time on the weekly grocery trip
This is different than the quick "Oops, I need to run in & grab a gallon of milk" trips, which he has been on before.  The once-a-week BIG grocery shopping trip is Obie's domain (while I stay home & work on the laundry or bathrooms = yay for divide & conquer!) This trip involves 3 stores & 4 stops:
  1. Aldi
  2. Home, drop off Aldi's groceries with kids still in car. B or I put them away
  3. Walmart
  4. Martin's
For some unknown reason, Ob likes to take the kids with him??? In fact, they're all well-known at each store now. Martin's even gives them special "samples" now!! :) Even the Starbucks inside Martin's used to treat them to free small cups of whip cream & chocolate sauce!  Hmmm...could it be he enjoys the attention as much as them??? ;) He always comes home exhausted, but normally everyone behaves just fine & this week with S was no different.  I didn't think there would be any problems. S really likes going places & seeing new things.  He gets super excited whenever he sees us putting on our shoes because then he knows we're going somewhere.  He even yells, "Out to car!" :)

3. First time at Art on the Avenue

This is a fun day for families in our community. Local artists display their work and there are TONS of kid's activities including:
  • face painting
  • chalk pictures
  • puppet shows
  • comedians
  • building bird houses, tool boxes, or bug houses (seriously, with hammers, nails, paint, everything!)
  • balloon animals
  • crayon shavings designs
  • creating & decorating candle holders
  • and more!
Of course my favorite:  the FOOD!  Again, S did great! Even sitting to get his face painted!


It's so amazing to watch S pick up English. He's like a little sponge, seriously!!   After he completes nearly any activity he says, "There we go!"  (I didn't realize how much I say that in a day!) Then, the other day he said to his 4-yr-old brother, "No, no P. Say sorry," which I just found hilarious! Do we say that a lot to S???   When the other kids are at school, he runs around the house saying, "Where P? Where A? Where B?" and "I don't know." :)

Looking forward to many more "Firsts"